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Paul Coloma

Fellowship Experience

Being a Brueggeman fellow allowed me the incredible opportunity to craft a capstone course for my career at Xavier, where I was a French and International Business major. The Brueggeman fellowship allowed me to work in Geneva for the World Trade Organization.  The most important lesson learned from my time as a Brueggeman fellow was the usefulness of summarizing clearly our view, so that we can transmit our passion to others.  This lesson was imparted to the Fellows by former Ecuadorian president Jamil Mahuad, who visited campus to talk about leadership and globalization with the sponsorship of the Brueggeman Center for Dialogue.  In Geneva I saw the effect of strong leadership and clear communication in action when I saw the statesman Celso Amorim from Brazil turn the conversation in favor of lowering tariffs on agricultural goods with just a few simple analogies.  I will undoubtedly continue to benefit from this lesson learned as a Brueggeman fellow for the rest of my career.

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