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Katy Baldwin

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I was a Brueggeman Fellow in 2007-2008, and graduated from Xavier University in 2009 with an honors degree in English and minors in Natural Science and Spanish.  While at Xavier, I was active in the Student Government Association and the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team.  I am from Toledo, Ohio, and currently live in New York City.

Fellowship Experience

In the summer of 2008, I traveled to Nepal to witness the country transition from the world’s last Hindu monarchy into a secular democracy after a devastating decade-long war.  My research included interviews with politicians, journalists, and historians.  I took language lessons in Kathmandu, watched the city grind to a halt after street riots and “bandhs” (strikes) and got soaked in more than one monsoon.  I spent time in the Terai, a rural region hard-hit by Maoist forces, and gained insight on the distribution of resources between the capital, Kathmandu, and the rest of the country. I traveled with a team of ophthalmologists who diagnosed and treated cataracts in the remote villages in southeastern Nepal.  Through Xavier mathematics professor Dr. Joshi, I spent a few days at a school where his brother is the principal.  My trip ended with a week-long trek through the Himalayas.  Much of my research was incorporated into my senior thesis paper, which focused on the role of narrative fiction in democratic revolutions. 

What They're Doing Now

After graduation, I joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, where I worked for the Taxi Workers Alliance, a union for yellow cab drivers in New York City.  Many of the drivers were from Nepal, and it was so nice to chat with them in my toddler-level Nepali.  After JVC, I worked for the Lebanese American University, and now I work for the Institute of International Education, a not-for-profit that specializes in international higher education exchange.

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Email: baldwin.k8@gmail.com

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