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Jennifer Sands

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Jennifer Sands lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She currently works for Cooperative for Education (CoEd), a non-profit that establishes sustainable educational programs in Guatemala.  As the Marketing Coordinator, Jennifer plans volunteer trips to see CoEd’s program schools in Guatemala as well as raising funds through various marketing outlets.  Jennifer is proud to have grown up on a small family farm in Northern Indiana before moving to Cincinnati to attend Xavier University.  After graduating from XU in 2009 with a degree in Finance, she went from working in the for-profit banking industry to working at the non-profit CoEd.  In her free time Jennifer is active in her church community at St. Gertrude Catholic Church and enjoys cooking with locally sourced ingredients. 

Fellowship Experience

As a Brueggeman Fellow, Jennifer studied the Fair Trade coffee industry.  Choosing to focus on Guatemala because of ancestral connections, Jennifer traveled to the small community of Loma Linda in the department of Quetzaltengango, Guatemala with the help of Manos Campesinos.  Manos Campesinos is a fair trade cooperative that unifies smaller community cooperatives and assists with the exportation of coffee. 

While in Loma Linda, Jennifer lived with a family and worked closely with the town’s development association, ASODILL, to experience the cycle of organically grown coffee from seed to cup.  Jennifer was able to spend time planting, growing, harvesting, processing.  In addition to working with ASODILL to learn about the coffee production cycle, Jennifer assisted in their ecotourism projects around the town, spent time in the town school, and with the group Mundo Verde who roasts the local coffee for exportation.

Jennifer’s project upon completion of her time in Guatemala was to author and publish a photo journal of Loma Linda with a strong focus on the coffee cycle.  Jennifer has returned to Loma Linda twice upon completion of her first trip to Loma Linda. Her book, A Portrait of Loma Linda is available on Amazon and through CreateSpace.   

What They're Doing Now

Marketing Coordinator at Cooperative for Education (CoEd)

CoEd is a nonprofit whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education. 



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