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Jasper Tolarba

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I have been a nurse for the past 14 years. I worked as a critical care nurse, nurse educator, and presently as a nurse leader in a premier teaching hospital in Connecticut. I went to school in Bicol University and University of the Philippines and finished my Master’s degree from Xavier University-Cincinnati. My personal and professional interest is in health care.  I like to focus my academic as well as non-academic endeavors on ways to contribute in shaping this complex system by engaging myself in activities that provide opportunities to improve the delivery of care. If not at work, I’m usually outdoors with my kids and family.

Fellowship Experience

I am very interested in how cultural and religious factors affect decision making at the end of life.  Contrasting viewpoints of people from Western and Eastern culture as well as Christian and Muslim religion would be a helpful insight as to why health care decisions may be held sacred by one group and considered unreasonable by the other or vice versa. Hence, my travel which is yet to happen would be in the Middle East, specifically Dubai and Oman, where I could purposely interact with local people and understand their culture and religious beliefs that surrounds and affect their health care decisions. 

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I am working as an Off-Shift Nurse Leader at Yale New Haven Hospital

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Email: jaspertolarba@yahoo.com
Phone: (203) 715-6494

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