Dalton Imwalle

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Hi my name is Dalton Imwalle. I’m from Gahanna, Ohio, just outside of Columbus.  I’m entering my junior year at Xavier with a double major in Economics and Finance. I’ve chose these two majors as I hope to one day become a financial analyst for an investment banking firm. This year I will be working at the Fifth Third Trading Center located at Xavier’s Smith Hall. Since attending Xavier I’ve been involved in Alternative Breaks, Boys II Men, and Habitat for Humanity. Participating in Alternative Breaks has taken me to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, allowing me to work with locals on building wheelchair ramps and outhouses for fellow citizens. During my sophomore year of Alternative Breaks my group went to Monte Cristi, Dominican 

Republic and worked on improving childrens’ English speaking. I plan on partaking in another Alternative Breaks this school year hopefully becoming a sight leader. Boys II Men is an after school program I along with about ten other Xavier students run at the nearby Evanston Academy. This volunteer group works with teenagers and we discuss life skills with the students as well as tutoring them two days a week. This upcoming year will be the programs third year and we hope to gain new members to volunteer.

Aside from Alternative Breaks and Boys II Men I’m also a board member for Habitat for Humanity, this involves working with fellow members on fundraiser designs as well as recruiting future members. During the weekends in Habitat we often rake leaves for citizens during the fall as well as mulch during the spring.

While attending Xavier I have become a huge fan of the Xavier basketball team, normally attending all home games. My first two summers at Xavier I have been able to study abroad, spending five weeks in London, England during the summer of 2013 as well as spending four weeks in the Netherlands during the summer of 2014. Both of these experiences will never be forgotten and have given me the travel bug. Outside of Xavier I enjoy hanging out with friends and exploring the Cincinnati area. On the weekends I often explore Fountain Square as well as Over the Rhine with friends and I also enjoy trying new restaurants.   

Fellowship Experience

The research I will embark on during the school year will revolve around the issue of economic inequality and sustainability with a focus on the country of Brazil. Since Brazil has and will continue to be in the spotlight the next couple years after hosting the 2014 World Cup and hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics I want to see what sort of impact these mega events have had and will have on the economy as well as local citizens. Both of the these events have large expenses, while also attracting tourists, I would like to find out what sort of impacts, positive and negative these events are having on Brazilians. I chose Brazil to conduct my research because it has one of the world largest wealth inequalities in the world. My hope is to research this issue and find out what is and is not being done to fix this problem. From what I’ve found so far there seems to be a lot  conversation on this issue as Brazil is receiving global attention from the World Cup.

                My research will also involve economic sustainability in Brazil. I have found a lot of information already on this topic as there has been controversy with a lot of the world cup stadiums and how they were built and what will happen to them with the world cup ending. Also, I want to examine the Amazon Rainforest and how deforestation is affecting the economy of Brazil. The sustainability topic in Brazil is interesting because the larger cities in Brazil are working to become more sustainable and it is interesting seeing what these cities will continue to do to preserve resources and create a healthy living city. While I have not chosen a single location to focus my research on I have found the city of Rio De Janiero my top choice so far, being one of Brazil’s largest cities it is also the city hosting the 2016 Olympics and I believe I could find great resources there.


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