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Brandon Sipes

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 Brandon Sipes is the President of RE-Frame, LLC and a Senior Consultant to The ARIA Group (www.ariagroup.com).  During his career, Brandon has engaged with identity conflicts in the United States and around the world, leading to an understanding of the ways in which identity can be utilized for both division and unity. Research and practice in identity (and specifically religiously motivated) conflict has taken him to Northern Ireland, Croatia, Bosnia, France, Germany, Israel and the West Bank. His work has included organizational visioning, conflict mediation and workshop facilitation, and facilitator training and development. Brandon received a BA in Christian Education from Mt. Vernon Nazarene University in 2001.  In 2005, he began graduate studies in Theology at Xavier University.  While there, he discovered a passion for analyzing what he calls the “beauty and danger inherent in religions.”  This led him to focus his studies on violence and conflict which contain religious components.  Brandon received the Brueggeman Fellowship while at Xavier, allowing him to travel internationally and conduct research leading to the publication of his thesis, “Sacred Rage and Sacred Hope.” 

Fellowship Experience

In 2007 I traveled to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Croatia and France to research religious violence and reconciliation theology.  My work was focused on confronting the perception that the role of religion in conflict is largely negative.  This led to my thesis, where I detailed the ways in which the religions have contributed to violence in Northern Ireland and the Balkans, the positive resources religions can contribute, and what Christianity in particular offers to the field of peacebuilding.

What They're Doing Now

I currently work as an independent consultant in the field of conflict engagement.  My work over the last 4 years has been focused on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, where I have designed, facilitated or otherwise participated in dozens of workshops and training modules for Israelis and Palestinians.  I also work locally in and around central Ohio with organizations to address conflict and change processes.

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Email: bsipes@arigroup.com



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