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Bill Schwarz

Fellowship Experience

As one of the first Fellows, I think that my paragraph about my Brueggeman experience may be a little different from what you are envisioning -- the traveling component of the program was not a focus of the program that first year when we were starting.  That said, I have one distinct memory that comes to mind:
The most impressive experience I had as a Brueggeman fellow actually happened in a rather unassuming Indian restaurant in the neighborhood of Clifton.  That's where I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Vandana Shiva, who was speaking on Xavier's campus and making a few other appearances in town.  I had read many of Dr. Shiva's writings in my classes and admired her as an academic and as an activist.  In sharing a simple meal, I was impressed by how personable she was and by how quickly she engaged me and the other Fellows about our studies and our aspirations.  I had never developed a personal relationship with someone who I had also studied in class before, and I found Vandana Shiva to be every bit as inspiring as a person as she was an activist or academic.
It was a privilege to be one of the first Brueggeman Fellows, and it is impressive to learn about the ways the program has grown and developed since I've graduated.  Another fond memory I have was that our discussions as Brueggeman fellows were always so open and filled with ideas - it never felt like we were sitting in a lecture.  The semester flew by.  
I think the work done by the Center and the promotion of dialogue is one of the great things Xavier has going for it, and I'm proud to have been a part of it.  An additional part of the experience that I thank you for, is your openness in discussing the mission of the center with the Fellows, and listening to our input. I feel like we all had a say in what the Fellowship has grown into.  

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