Amanda Burns

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I am a senior majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and the Public and International Studies with minors in German and Peace Studies. This year I am returning for my second year as the Chair of Xavier’s Alternative Breaks Board, a program I have been a part of my whole Xavier career.  Traveling to South Dakota to learn about the Lakota nation; Catalina Island, California to work with environmental stewardship; Atlanta, Georgia to learn how to integrate asset based community development into any service; as well as Spencer, West Virginia to learn about the Appalachian culture and the systems behind the coal industry. I am also co-president of German Club and Honor’s Council.  I have studied abroad in Paris, France, Rome, Italy, and Eichstätt, Germany studying comparative politics, art, theology, and Germany language, and culture. 

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I will be looking at the efforts taken by the European Union to move towards a decentralized and more sustainable system of energy use. I will be using Germany as a case study as I believe it is the most powerful player in the EU in this field. My goal is to see how if decentralized energy is efficient, sustainable, and practical on a large scale.  

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